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Aether Hour Ep. 5: NEW BOOK ON CREATIONISM ft. Fr. Joseph Gleason

Aether Hour Ep. 5: NEW BOOK ON CREATIONISM ft. Fr. Joseph Gleason

In this bonus, fully free Aether Hour, Fr. Joseph joins us to discuss his latest translation project of Fr. Constantine Bufeev's seminal works on creation & evolution from Russian into English!

That’s right everyone we have gotten so much support and we think this project is just that important that we decided to make this episode of Aether Hour FREE! That’s right you get the full 96 minutes of Conrad, Dmitriy, and Fr'. Joseph discussing these phenomenal works on such an important subject. We discuss the necessity of a young earth, the heresy of evolution, dinosaurs, dragons, communist Darwinism, and so much more!!! Scroll down to check out all of the many links mentioned in this PACKED episode! And be sure to support the project at the IndieGogo link HERE:

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Links to content mentioned in the Episode:

🌏 Is Genesis History? Documentary on YouTube

☦️ Fr Joseph’s Russian-Faith website

☦️ Fr Joseph’s Substack - ‘Moving to Russia’

☦️ Fr Joseph’s Twitter

☦️📖Creation & Evolution - Translation funding campaign

☦️📖🇷🇺 Creation & Evolution - 3 Volumes in Russian

☦️📖Fr Seraphim Rose - Genesis, Creation, and Early Man

⚡️🌏 WWN Episode 7 - Interview with Fr Joseph (November 2022)

☦️🐲 Are Dragons Real? - Twitter thread by PatriarchPrime

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