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Would you guys be interested in doing a stream on the Chabad?

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I for one would be sad to see the Falklands go to Argentina, as it only has around 1500 residents who strongly identify as British. The Falklands war was very interesting... With everything going on anything related to Western Europe, or that is deep state adjacent, gets lumped together. When America finally commits suicide, plenty of people will dance on our grave. I suppose that’s just how civilizations rise and fall.

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Dmitriy, Just wondering a bit on what you said (starts around 38:20--but specificaly at 39:45) about the Ukraine / Pridnestrovie (aka Transnistria--I know you know this, but many may not) border as far as goods crossing it: Of course, it's a very long border, but my understanding is that it's completely (officially closed). There are direct borders between Moldova and Ukraine both in the north and the south of Moldova, so that could be a possibility, but I'm wondering if Pridnestrovie (as far as they're concerned about this), would not allow trucks to cross, or if they would have no ability to stop them. What do you think? Thanks always!

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Hey Andrew,

You're right - at the beginning of the SMO Transnistria's borders were closed for Ukraine. After the end of the grain deal in July 2023 (between Russia & Turkey) Transnistria began slowly opening back up to Ukraine.

In late 2023 it seems that Transnistria is happy to accept almost any deal from Ukraine, regarding transit, after a year of semi-economic isolation.

Unfortunately, this isn't enough for Ukraine, which is planning to connect itself to Moldova even more directly through a modernized railroad, which will probably be finished by 2024 (2025 at the latest).

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OK, wow, I did not know all of that (which is why I need to follow you guys!) Thanks Dmitriy.

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