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Have to share this.... my husband was telling me about the SS Nazi soldier who shot the hand of a Saint that began to bleed but wasn’t able to remember the details thereof.

I had never heard about it and began scouring the net to find out more about the story and the details of this specific Saint.

The crazy part is, I was simultaneously listening to this episode when suddenly this particular event was discussed.

Do you perhaps have more info or recommendations as to where I can look?

Can’t find anything on the conventional Orthodox sites.

Thanks for a super informative episode once again !!


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This is a bit off topic (although I’m in the middle of the episode and it’s not impossible that you’d bring something related to this up), but I was hoping you could give me (either of yours) take on ‘Messianic Judaism’. Unfortunately, my mother and step-father who are both quite right-wing, but I would say ‘blindly-so’, in the sense that they’re somewhat being duped by pro-Israeli propaganda due to the neo-con right being unbelievably brainwashed, especially as compared to the left--which, as it is, is yet another reason for brainwashed people on the right to be pro-Israel, because the left has seemingly taken a mostly critical stance, relating to the current events of course.

Getting back to my main question, they’ve recently been quite taken with a video of a messianic Jewish rabbi “Jonathan Cahn”, who’s fairly articulate, arguably charismatic (in a revolting way), and claims to be uniquely equipped to put together ‘revelatory’ biblical prophecies and verses (all Old Testament) to justify Israel’s current atrocities. I’ll link below. I’ve searched for a rebuke of messianic Judaism from an orthodox standpoint (beyond my own person views), and I haven’t found much--other than a nice Substack article from “The Reversion”.


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That’s my church that concelebrated with ROCOR here in Australia 🙏🏼

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Thank you for your podcast. It would be highly appreciated if you could actually add timestamps in the description/youtube. For those of us that do not have much time and wanna jump directly to a topic it would be very useful.

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If you know someone who would be interested in undertaking this time consuming process please let us know. We had someone helping in this regard and they stopped returning my messages

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