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WORLD WAR ISRAEL! Assassinations, New Countries Emerging, & MORE! WWN Ep. 56

WORLD WAR ISRAEL! Assassinations, New Countries Emerging, & MORE! WWN Ep. 56

Israel escalates with Hezbollah in Lebanon, multiple assassinations, Russian Odessa confirmed, Houthi war w/ USA, Somaliland recognized, Elpidophoros BANNED, Brother Nathanael on Infowars, & MORE!

In this massive first episode of 2024 we discuss Israel’s massive escalations in Lebanon and Syria as they target Hezbollah, HAMAS, and Iranian leaders with airstrikes. The US also assassinated major figures in Iraq as it fights Israel’s battles in the Red Sea against the Houthis and elsewhere across the region. We also discuss the situation in East Africa as Ethiopia recognizes the breakaway Republic of Somaliland in exchange for access to the Red Sea; and the Sudanese civil War heats up. In Ukraine, the Kiev regime targeted civilians in Belgorod which provoked a massive Russian missile barrage across the whole country, and high ranking officials said that Odessa and Nikolaev will soon be liberated. The Church persecutions continue across Ukraine, Elpidophoros has been barred from Mt. Athos, Georgian Priests are burning the EU flag, and Br. Nathanael named them boys for all to hear on the Alex Jones Show. We discuss all this and more! 👇🏻

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