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WWN Ep. 23: DRONE WARS, Arunachal Pradesh, NATO Expands...

WWN Ep. 23: DRONE WARS, Arunachal Pradesh, NATO Expands...

Russia downs a US drone, ICC wants Putin, US enters India/China border dispute, Imran Khan, forced schism in Ukraine, Finland entering NATO, bank collapse/CBDC's, Met. Neophytos, & SO MUCH MORE!

In this PACKED episode we discuss the downed predator drone in the Black Sea off the coast of Crimea, the ICC’s accusations against Putin & his Minister for Children's Affairs, Arunachal Pradesh and the latest from India’s border dispute with China, as well as Finland seeming to be entering NATO soon. We also discuss Imran Khan and the growing unrest in Pakistan, the last two Cypriot Bishops strongly resisting the evil schism in Ukraine, economic/banking collapse and the potential for CBDC’s, & MUCH MORE! 🌌

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World War Now
World War Now Podcast
Covering the Third World War and Political/Religious Realignment. We are two Orthodox Christians striving to give you the ultimate political/religious/metaphysical analysis of the truly momentous events unfolding in our time. We hope to have you along for the ride! :)