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WWN Ep. 30: Kosovo Clashes! 2nd Front?! ft. GSP

WWN Ep. 30: Kosovo Clashes! 2nd Front?! ft. GSP

GSP fills in for Dmitriy to cover the clashes & escalating tensions in Kosovo, recent bombings in Ukraine & Russia after fall of Bakhmut, Erdogan's win, Armenia/Azerbaijan, the Rublev Icon, & MORE!

In the 30th Episode of WWN GSP from the fantastic show the War Report joins Conrad to discuss the clashes between Northern Kosovo Serbs & the NATO KFOR forces, the US’s rebuke of Pristina & the Kurti government, & the possibility of a 2nd front. We also discuss the latest in Ukraine, mass bombing campaigns, drones striking the Moscow suburbs, and the likelihood of Russia pushing past the Dnieper. Also Armenia/Azerbaijan’s latest meetings with Putin, Erdogan’s tight victory in Turkey, the Rublev Icon being returned to the Church, Trump vs. DeSantis, and so much more!!! ⚡️

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