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WWN Ep. 34: EP STEALING Lavra, Greek Elections

WWN Ep. 34: EP STEALING Lavra, Greek Elections

We discuss Zelensky's visit to Turkey/the Phanar, Turkey's NATO choice, the Election results in Greece, predictions for the Vilnius summit, Srpska/Kosovo, BRICS gold backed currency, and MORE!

Conrad & Dmitriy discuss the big news from Turkey as Erdogan throws in support for Ukraine’s accession into NATO. Turkey also secured an advancement in its possible entry into the European Union by leveraging Sweden’s accession into the Treaty Organization. Zelensky also met with EP Bartholomew who has decided to take the Kiev Caves Lavra for himself. Also discussed are the results of the Greek elections, predictions for the Vilnius NATO summit, news out of the Serb-sphere (Srpska/Kosovo), and the latest in BRICS as their summit approaches in August.

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World War Now Podcast
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