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Aether Hour Ep. 13.5: SPACE IS FAKE!

Aether Hour Ep. 13.5: SPACE IS FAKE!

Thought to be lost forever, Conrad's discussion with Anthony of Westgate about cosmology, space, & the religion of scientism from a few months back is available now for Aether Hour Subscribers!

Conrad shares his perspective on the space question, Christian cosmology, gravity, the ISS, and other pillars of the modern narrative about the heavens on Anthony of Westgate’s Reversion podcast from 2022. Below is a brief primer to make up for the censorship regarding alternative cosmologies. 👇🏻

🔎 Watch these two great documentaries: Here, and Here

🛰️ Watch this extensive video of evidence proving the International Space Station is a fraud.

Then read Wolfgang Smith’s fantastic work Cosmos & Transcendence here:

And Anthony’s fantastic article here:

The Reversion
Astral Magic: The Occult Religion of Modern Cosmology
The European Renaissance was defined as a cultural rebirth, but what was it actually a rebirth of? This “rebirth” was a disastrous reintroduction of Hermeticism into European scholasticism, establishing the Hermetic tradition as a crucial factor in the development of modern science. Quite simply, the Renaissance was the rebirth of neoplatonic astral mag…
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St. John Chrysostom’s 14th Homily on Hebrews:

▶️ Then Watch this debate with a Physics professor and this interview with an F-16 pilot!

Also for reference:

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