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French Troops, Rafah Invasion Approved, Haiti Collapse, Russian Elections, & MORE! WWN Ep. 65

French Troops, Rafah Invasion Approved, Haiti Collapse, Russian Elections, & MORE! WWN Ep. 65

France is uniting around Ukraine intervention, Netanyahu approves Rafah operation, Haiti descends into cannibalism, Russian elections begin, Pat. Neophyte of Bulgaria reposes, the TikTok ban, & MORE!

In this episode Conrad & Dmitriy discuss the potential for French troops in Ukraine/Moldova as they are sent to Romania, while Russia holds historic Presidential elections with polling booths even in Transnistria. We also discuss the imminent Rafah invasion reportedly just approved by Netanyahu despite the Democrats, including arch-zionist Democrat leader Chuck Schumer, saying Netanyahu must go. Haiti has descended into failed state cannibalism and many people online are voicing their absurd takes on the matter (spoiler alert: they worship demons openly in Haiti). We also discuss the incursions into Belgorod & Bryansk regions, the repose of Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte, the impending TikTok ban and the real reasons behind it, Turkey/Russia updates, updates on the Romanian Church’s expansion into Ukraine, PornHub leaving Texas, & MUCH MORE! 👇🏻

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World War Now Podcast
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