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Israel ATTACKS Church! Ukraine BANS Canonical UOC! Schisms Healed! WWN Ep. 48

Israel ATTACKS Church! Ukraine BANS Canonical UOC! Schisms Healed! WWN Ep. 48

Orthodoxy is under attack worldwide as zionists bomb Churches in Gaza while Kiev authorities ban the canonical UOC. We discuss all of this as bombs fly in Palestine & Ukraine as WWIII heats up!

In this huge episode we discuss Orthodoxy in the spotlight as zionist forces bomb St. Porpohyrios Church in Gaza (one of the oldest Churches in the world) and Kiev authorities BAN the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under Met. Onuphry entirely! Thankfully in the midst of this evil the Churches of Antioch & Jerusalem were able to resolve a decade long schism in solidarity against Israeli aggression! We also discuss Russia advancing in Avdeevka, Putin flying MiG’s in range of US carrier groups, Islamic militias uniting against Israel in Iraq, potential paths for clashes between Turkey & Iran/Russia, the IMEC corridor, & MUCH MORE! 👇🏻

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