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Netanyahu OUT?! Xi In USA, Myanmar Wars, Greater Serbia, & MORE! WWN Ep. 52

Netanyahu OUT?! Xi In USA, Myanmar Wars, Greater Serbia, & MORE! WWN Ep. 52

Netanyahu could be OUT soon, Hezbollah intensifies attacks, Xi Jinping comes to USA, OIC unites Muslim world, rebels advance in Myanmar, Dodik says Greater Serbia is coming, Avdeevka updates, & MORE!

In this episode we discuss the likely political downfall of Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu as he faces pressure from the US (who side with his “liberal” opposition) and even his own party (who want a more genocidal leader). We also discuss the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting which say Raisi of Iran, MBS of Saudi Arabia, Assad of Syria, Erdogan of Turkey, & MORE united together against Israeli aggression. We also discuss Elon Musk naming them and starting an X firestorm of narrative warfare, Xi Jinping’s visit to San Francisco, the escalating civil war in Myanmar, Dodik saying Greater Serbia will come about before 2030, persecutions increasing in Ukraine, Russian regions fighting abortion, & much more! 👇🏻

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