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A little late, with the 'Russian Peace Agreement'.

That came and went (was rejected)!

Putin is an highly intelligent, smart, SANE man. He KNEW that the 'Peace Agreement' WOULD be rejected, by the Satanists. Now, it's 'ON THE RECORD', for Russia. As Russia keeps stating....'The US/West is Agreement Incapable'. Now, NOTHING is holding Russia back; they'll do what they'll NEED to do! And RIGHTFULLY SO. RUSSIA has the MORAL HIGH GROUND; and always had!!

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Have you considered interviewing or having a discussion with Fr Andrew Phillips from Colchester England? He conducted a recent interview with a Russian Countess parishioner and his blog is excellent to read through if you find the time.


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Excellent recommendation, I will try to reach out to him.

His writing is very good, would be nice to have a fresh perspective, especially from an Orthodox clergyman!

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