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The unions of Florence, Brest, and Uzhhorod happened under supposedly Orthodox canonical Bishops. We should not be surprised by the one time so called "Pariarch of Alexandria" and all northern Africa leading his "church" further away from the truth. He promised unfailing support and loyalty to the Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine and immediately stuck a knife in his back: much like Cain killed Abel.

The word canonical means much more than having external unity to Istanbul. How can these "canonical" bishops look the other way when the Tithes Church and brotherhood are liquidated? Oh ya, the same way they looked and continue to look the other way the other times an UOC bishop was put in jail, a Rector and his Matushka, and parishioners were beaten and parishes siezed. Silence is complsized.

Externally canonical structure means nothing if you oppose the truth. The man who says he loves God but hates his brother (who he promised to love forever in Odessa years ago) is a lier. Also can't an "Apostolic See"- autocephalous 'Patriarch" and Pentarch figure out how to make chrism after all these years? Autonomous extension of his master's master at best. It's time to choose true Orthodoxy or humanistic-Globalism. Mr. Davis has another word for this later group.

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Can you send the link of the Ukrainian who viciously attacked an orthodox priest during a service as mentioned in your podcast. Thanks

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Hello Vladimir,

The video we spoke about can be found on our Telegram channel, link provided here:


Originally it was posted online by Ян Таксюр (Yan Taksyur) a popular, perhaps the most well known, Russian Orthodox Journalist in Ukraine (he considers himself Russian, & is a native resident of Kiev).

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Many thanks

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I’m curious as to why Met. Elpidophoros’ weekly statements (announced ecumenical Juneteenth prayer the other day as well) haven’t seemed to generate a larger reaction or discussion?

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