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WWIII ARRIVES! Israel Moving on Gaza! WWN Ep. 47

WWIII ARRIVES! Israel Moving on Gaza! WWN Ep. 47

As the 2nd hot front in WWIII rages on we cover the impending Israeli ground offensive, prophecies from multiple Elders , atrocity propaganda, zionist war crimes, Russia moving in on Avdeevka, & MORE!

WWIII is about to be official as Israel prepares its ground invasion of the Gaza strip. The muslim world has united against Israel as has Russia & China. We discuss numerous prophecies foretelling this very conflict as well as its relation to the future clash between Russia & Turkey. We also cover the abundance of propaganda from western media and commentators and how it demonstrates zionist capture of critical institutions. We also discuss Russia advancing in Avdeevka, Hezbollah declaring war on Israel, Jordan’s role in the region, Kadyrov’s pledge to send troops, potential avenues for Russian intervention in the Levant, and much more! 👇🏻

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World War Now
World War Now Podcast
Covering the Third World War and Political/Religious Realignment. We are two Orthodox Christians striving to give you the ultimate political/religious/metaphysical analysis of the truly momentous events unfolding in our time. We hope to have you along for the ride! :)