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WWN Ep. 22: GEORGIA Color Revolution!

WWN Ep. 22: GEORGIA Color Revolution!

Georgia erupts in fake protests, China mediates Iran/Saudi normalization, Monks expelled from the Kiev Caves Lavra, Strelkov reveals prophecies, Ukraine doubles down in Bakhmut, Kilicdaroglu, & MORE!

In this jam packed episode we discuss the latest astroturfed protests in Georgia against the proposed anti-foreign agent law, the successful Chinese mediation of Iran/Saudi Arabian negotiations, the imminent expulsion of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Kiev Caves Lavra, and revealed prophecies from Igor Strelkov about the monastery. We also discuss Kemal Kilicdaroglu uniting the opposition against Erdogan, Zelensky tripling down in Bakhmut, weird things happening in Kazakhstan, & so much more!

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