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WWN Ep. 38: WWIII Africa! Church Persecutions Increase

WWN Ep. 38: WWIII Africa! Church Persecutions Increase

The fallout from the coup in Niger has been immense as a possible invasion force mounts (will Wagner help?) White genocide in South Africa, major updates on the schism/persecutions in Ukraine, & MORE!

In this packed episode we discuss the current status of WWIII worldwide as the Nigerien coup has sparked what could become a regional war across West Africa. We also discuss the ongoing debate surrounding the genocide of the Boer people in South Africa. We also analyze the other hot fronts in the global conflict as well as the “warm” fronts that risk going hot in the near future. We also discuss the mounting tensions in the Church in Ukraine as persecution heats up and the schism continues to divide Christians. We discuss the latest attacks in the Black Sea, Ukraine’s failures on the front lines, Russian civilians shelled, Church prophecies, & MORE! ⚡️👇🏻

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World War Now Podcast
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