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Israel MOVES IN to Rafah, Putin's Interview, Zaluzhny OUT, Third Temple, & MORE! WWN Ep. 61

Israel MOVES IN to Rafah, Putin's Interview, Zaluzhny OUT, Third Temple, & MORE! WWN Ep. 61

Israel moves into Rafah, Putin gives a history lesson, Miles wants Third Temple, Hezbollah launches 60+ missiles as Zelensky cleans house. Zio-media turns on Biden, Ukraine persecution, Chora, & MORE!

In this weeks packed episode we discuss the impending Israeli assault on Rafah as millions of Gaza’s shelter there as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and others all call on Israel not to cross this red line. Hezbollah launches its largest strikes yet into Israel as the zionist air force threatens massive operations over Lebanon. We also discuss Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson and the western reaction, Zelensky finally replacing Zaluzhny, Miles’s call for the Antichrist to reign in Jerusalem, and the media seemingly turning quickly on Biden for his lack of commitment to zionist expansion. We also break down the latest Church raids by schismatics in Ukraine, the EP’s schismatic activity in the Baltics and Balkans, the Chora monastery turned into a mosque, Pakistan’s election, Essequibo, & MUCH MORE! 👇🏻

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